Dana White on FOX Sports Live – Talks Aldo vs. Pettis, ‘Crazy’ Georges St. Pierre and CM Punk

Dana White talks to FOX

Dana White updates FOX Sports Live on the latest story lines in his sport. Talks everything from the mysterious status of Georges St-Pierre, to the ongoing Sonnen/Silva beef and even CM Punk in the UFC.

7 thoughts on “Dana White on FOX Sports Live – Talks Aldo vs. Pettis, ‘Crazy’ Georges St. Pierre and CM Punk

    1. Right that’s pure bullshit. When BJ fought GSP he didn’t had to vacate his title. If Chuck in his prime would’ve wanted to fight at HW he wouldn’t have to vacate his title either.

      1. When BJ fought, there were what? 8 guys in the UFC lightweight division and 6 events a year?

        Both divisions are stacked. Pettis better move down or Aldo better move up. It’s not fair to the other guys to have to be stuck in contender purgatory.

        1. They Only defend their belts what… 1-2 a year. If Aldo won at one 155 he could easily cut down in 4 months to defend the other title. Then in 4-5 months defend the 155 again. I mean He cuts weight for it either way. Just not as much for 155.
          However, I do agree it makes more sense for him to vacate. If he wins he will just stay. If he looses that would suck though.

  1. Dana is an insane coke and steroid abuser so he’s not well placed to call somebody crazy. And Dana is known to talk shit about guys because of a personal disagreement. Like Randy. randy was captain America but when he left, he was captain asshole. We all know who the real crazy asshole is.

  2. Oh Dana…. What happened to “If you have something to say, say to me personally over the phone like a man!” Yet here he is bashing GSP publicly again….
    Would put it past Dana to cut Aldo’s pay back down to 15k/15k if he looses at 155 because he not a “champion” anymore.

  3. The UFC had no problem with Anderson Silva going up to 205 three different times without vacating the belt. I don’t really get it either.

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