UFC 169 Fight Videos from Barao vs. Faber II

UFC 169 fight videos

UFC 169 Fight Videos from Barao vs. Faber II.

All UFC 169 fight videos here.

6 thoughts on “UFC 169 Fight Videos from Barao vs. Faber II

  1. I don’t think Faber was in too much trouble but I also don’t disagree with the stoppage. Barao was hurting Faber with every punch and knee; knocked Faber down three times in the round and the last time Faber sprawled on the ground before he recovered. Dean was right there looking into Faber’s eyes. I’ll side with Dean over anyone who says the fight was stopped early.

    1. I agree. Even if Faber wasn’t “hurt,” just grabbing someones leg does not count as advancing your position. Faber didn’t try to wrap the leg, stand up, or anything. If Faber hadn’t been knocked down three times prior, I would say early stoppage, but for all we know he was just in la la land.

  2. Bruno, why are all the fights posted on BlueToothTalk?

    Also, I don’t really like the newspaper feel to this site, as opposed to mmtko. That being said I still have been coming to your site since 2003 or whatever, thanks for the work put in 😉

  3. everyone says Aldo is too big for 145 and i’ve heard Aldo walks around at 170, has anyone else heard this? He’s 5’7 supposedly and doesn’t look that big to be 170

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