Urijah Faber says Conor McGregor looked like a crackhead backstage

Urijah Faber vs Conor McGregor 2015
Urijah Faber thinks Conor McGregor looked like a crackhead, and felt like a junior high girl during their confrontation backstage at the UFC 189 weigh-ins.

“Okay, so what happened was I was in the bathroom, and somebody was trying to get in. I open the bathroom stall and McGregor was standing there, and we’re face to face. Then, so you saw the video,” Faber explained on a recent periscope session. “It was super random, just on the back hallway and there just happened to be a camera crew there.”

“Trying to pick on the guy who was cutting weight, but dude looked like a crackhead, man,” he continued. “He felt like a junior high girl when I grabbed him, to be honest. But I know he’s been cutting a lot of weight and he’ll be bigger tomorrow, but he’s not going to be enough for Chad.”

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