20 Crazy MMA Submissions Wins From Real Mixed Martial Arts Fights

Crazy MMA Subs
20 Crazy MMA Submissions Wins From Real Fights With Order List Of How They Play Out.

01 Banana split
02 Chin to the Eye
03 Smother
04 Twister
05 Body Crunch
06 Bicep Cutter
07 Flying armbar
08 Double Armbar
09 Spinning, flying armbar
10 Achilles lock from Giant swing
11 Gogoplata
12 Hammerlock
13 Imanari choke from the omoplata position
14 Knee Slicer or Calf Slicer
15 Peruvian Necktie
16 Japanese Necktie
17 Reverse Triangle Choke
18 Von Flue Choke
19 Leg Scissor Choke
20 Guillotine suplex

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