Chris Weidman Says He ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if most fighters were ‘on something’

Chris Weidman drugs

Layzie The Savage talks with Chris Weidman about what Vitor Belfort’s comments of PED’s in the UFC.

3 thoughts on “Chris Weidman Says He ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if most fighters were ‘on something’

  1. Hi ZEUS,
    glad the site is back online. Could you please tell us what happened to Bruno? I tried to google something and found some wild speculations which made me worried. Is he OK?

    Thanks, hope the site will carry on. Cheers!

    Zeus, This is my dad’s (Bruno) site and I am just making some posts until he gets better. He will get into what happened when he starts working again.

    He is getting better now but got stabbed in the back 3 times while we were shopping in Metz. A guy tried to pick his pocket and my dad punched him the back of the head and when he did somebody with the guy stabbed dad real quick and we didn’t even know at first. They ran off and we had to stop dad from running after them. Went to the hospital and he had to stay there for almost a month.

    Not sure what he plans on doing or when he will work again. His lung collapsed and it messed up some other things inside. He could have easily died but still wanted to go after them. The Police Nationale said they were some Polish guys they had run off from the center earlier in the day. Will never see them again.

  2. omfg bruno is OK!!!

    been so worried and lost these past few weeks not know what happened to bruno and not getting updates on the 2 sites. glad to hear he’s doing better zeus. pls send him my regards and I wish him a speed recovery. can’t wait to see him back!

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