Cris Cyborg Vs Miesha Tate Fight – Tate Says Yes, Bring It On

Cyborg and tate
Miesha Tate is welcome to facing the former Invicta featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Especially now that Tate no longer holds the 135-pound UFC title.

Miesha, during her recent appearance on The MMA Hour had this to say. “When I was the champ, they told me that they would not do a catch weight, so either she has to meet you at 135 or you have to not be the champion. So now that I’m not the champion, I technically could fight her at 140. I wouldn’t be against it. The thing is, I just feel like I have nothing to lose in that.”

“You’re fighting a girl who’s such a powerhouse and such a beast and just crushing girls. If I went in there and I beat her, or even gave her a solid run for her money, it says a lot. So I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it, but it’s not something that’s been discussed.”

Miesha Tate will take on 8th ranked Raquel Pennington as the first main card bout at UFC 205 on November 12th in New York City.

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