Dana White Badmouthing Stitch Duran – We were never friends

Dana White video blog 172
Dana White talks about the recent firing of cutman Stitch Duran.

“No, he won’t be coming back,” The UFC president said. “First of all, you do realize we have 10 cutmen that work for the UFC?”

“Stitch Duran needs to learn what the meaning of ‘friend’ is. Stitch Duran and I were never friends. We were work associates. We came up together from the boxing world, and when we hired cutmen, he’s one of the guys I brought in here. Friends are people you talk to, hang out with a lot of the time.”

“We weren’t friends. We’re not friends, and no, he shouldn’t have been expecting a call from me. If he’s a friend, why didn’t he reach out from me?”

Adding fuel to the fire!

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