Flying Armbar To Self Knockout Move Grapping Video

self ko grapping

I don’t know what is worst, the self KO or the other dude finishing off with the slow motion armbar of the sleeper.

9 thoughts on “Flying Armbar To Self Knockout Move Grapping Video

  1. Maybe the guy was thinking that it’s a feint… :))
    Good thing that he didnt break the damn hand… LOL and WTF was the ref waiting for?

  2. Miss MMATKO also. Maybe we can suggest changing the link format to more like MMATKO, and still have the ability to vote up and down comments. Just a suggestion. Still love following your site Bruno, still the only site I visit on a near daily basis. Several years before I began following MMATKO I had my own MMA website called It was a lot of work keeping up, especially since I wasn’t as smart on the tech end with finding all the sources for videos and depended mostly on writing articles. That took up so much time to always have fresh content and really wasn’t growing my base so I scrapped it. What Bruno does isn’t easy, keep up the good work bro!

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