Jon Jones Ready To Fight Cain Velasquez In Super Fight, Not Chris Weidman

Jon Jones super fight cain

A Super fight discussion comes up when UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones calls out UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez on AXS TV’s Inside MMA.

6 thoughts on “Jon Jones Ready To Fight Cain Velasquez In Super Fight, Not Chris Weidman

  1. How about you actually win your next couple of fights first, and then move up to heavyweight and work your butt off for a title shot like the rest of the division is? Why do these fighters always think they can just skip over everyone and automatically deserve a title shot? Its disrespectful to the guys working the way up the ladder for years, earning it. And what if they actually do this ‘super fight’ and he loses? Then what? Clog up both divisions? These guys are already defending the titles a few times a year only.

  2. On a side note I want to say thank you, Bruno. I used your other site for years without posting, and followed over to this one and have decided to start posting a bit. You’ve always been reliable and quick in putting up videos, and I appreciate your efforts and hard work.

    1. Bruno: thanks for all your visits. Glad you commented. I wish more people would start up a Disqus account. Please like us on our Facebook page if you can to see more site updates

  3. Arrogant prick. This guy is nuts he’d get destroyed by Cain Velasquez let alone JDS and yeah I think even Weidman would give him trouble and how is Weidman not worthy he beat the best fighter in the world twice. And I dont even like Weidman that much. He also forgot about Daniel Cormier who is gunning for him..

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