On Point Video – UFC Fighters Talk About Their MMA Idols

Conor McGregor MMA Idol

UFC fighters, Scott Jorgensen, Urijah Faber, Ricardo Lamas, Joseph Benavidez, Conor McGregor and more, reveal who their idols are, and how they inspire them to this day.

2 thoughts on “On Point Video – UFC Fighters Talk About Their MMA Idols

  1. First off glad to hear bruno is getting better,we were all worried for a while. Those cowards will get whats coming to them sooner or later guaranteed. Glad to see everything back up and working too. I’m sure mmatko will follow suit. My favorite mma sites by far. No others I have found are as good so I basically don’t even check many mma sites any more. Get strong bruno,you are the top dog as far as I’m concerned. Hope your son follows your footsteps.

    Zeus: I’m Bruno’s daughter. They just called me lil’ Zeus because my dads friends called him Cronus.

  2. thanks for stepping in and updating the site zeus, ive been lost without bruno. no other sites even come close, i tried searching for one but constant disapointment was all i got. i read your post on what happend, that is such a tragedy. i hope he recovers well and if you set up some type of donations or any way to help i will be sure to contribute and im pretty sure alot of others would too. where did this happen in? a store? what country?

    Zeus: It happened in Metz, France near the city center. There were people all around. Thanks for offering to donate but it would just embarrass dad. Thanks for the offer though.

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