Yuki Nakai Gets Blinded By Gerard Gordeau Eye-Gouge Video From Vale Tudo Japan 1995

Yuki Nakai eye after Gerard Gordeau fight

At Vale Tudo Japan 1995 Yuki Nakai’s first opponent was Gerard Gordeau, a Dutch Savate fighter. Gerard Gordeau illegally eye-gouged Nakai during their bout, causing Nakai to lose all sight in his right eye.

Even though not being able to see, Nakai went on to defeat Gordeau by heel hook in the 4th round. In his next fight, he came out with a bandage on his eye, Nakai took out American wrestler and WCW performer Craig Pittman by armbar, Pittman carried a 100lb weight advantage. In his 3rd and last fight, he lost to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Rickson Gracie by rear naked choke at 6:22 of the 1st round.

Video part of the Rickson Gracie Documentary – CHOKE.